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What can you do to improve your relationship today – 4 easy ways

Life is full of choices and every moment is a possibility to improve things that are important to you. Your actions tell more about what is important to you, than what your words do. Related to relationship, I could write a long text. I could begin with telling how you can’t find true happiness via other people or how you can’t change your partner. I could end the story by saying that relationship is like a garden – you have to take care about it if you want it to flourish. Howeve, you have probably already read that story. It’s not written by me, but by many others. Did it improve your relationship with your loved one?

In case it didn’t, try something else today. Below there’s three easy ways, that I’m going to try myself today.

  1. I’ll send my wife a heart emoji via text.
  2. I’ll hug her at least when we see again after the day at work, and before going to bed.
  3. I’ll book us a slot for home date from our calendars.
  4. I’ll try to sleep with some skin contact with her.

So please stop wasting your time reading these useless blogs and other web sites 😉 Your partner is more important to you what I am. Instead, go and do (at least) one of the things mentioned above. Do it now!

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